jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

V/A PSYINVASION Compiled By Lattus

¨A Really nice journey that will invade your senses and will take you to a different states of mind¨.

This is the first compilation Of Under Voice Records, A brand new south american Label Based on Bolivia, Gatthering some of the best artist in the psy secene. After long years of hard work on making the Bolivian scene finally we can show the world the potential and the Quality of the Bolivian Artist´s promoters, and all the amazing people that make of this one unique scene in the world.

Inspired by
Psyinvasion Festival. Amazing Open Air Locations - Two Stages - International Guest´s(Dj´s - Vj´s - Deco artists), camping area - Bar/Food - Performances. With 3 edition has became the biggest Psy Festival in Bolivia. Proving once again that the Bolivian festivals are the same level as anywhere else

the compilation is a progression of the process of the festival, Starting with a progressive track and evolving after into a full on compilation representing different stages of the festival and ending with a very special bonus track to honor alternative scene that allows different people support the psy scene in Bolivia; still a young scene that is growing more and more.

UVR001 V/A PSYINVASION Compiled By Lattus


01)Ovnimoon - Sunset (Prahlad Vs Tulk Rmx)
02)Daft Noise - Andean Mission
03)Basic - Making Dreams
04)Shove – The Others
05)Novelty - Borg
06)Deep South - Lysergic Explorer
07)D-Tek - El Santo Rmx
08)DNA - Psyconnection
09)Aeon Pulse - Energized
10)Dream Electric Feat. Anestazi - Don't Take it Away *Bonus Track*

Art Design: Heidacraft
url: http://www.undervoicerecords.com


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