miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

V/A - Psycho Talent Freak Show@Neurotrance Records

Neurotrance Records Vuelve a la carga con este expectacular compilatorio con sonidos de Full On Nocturno, que hará mover las pistas y transportarlas a la nave madre!

"En un lejano planeta de un bizarro sistema solar habita una extraña y talentosa criatura que se llama así misma Homo Sapiens. Nace, grita, llora, duerme, juega, ensaya y recuerda. En esta intrigante vida algunos juegan a lo material y otros a lo espiritual demostrando los poderes adquiridos o innatos. Atento el gran publico espera silencioso y ansioso entre llantos y risas el gran final de este gran show. Entre mascaras y grandes aptitudes el "hombre" en su diminuto paso por esta vida abre el telón ..... Amigos del universo el show del talento ha comenzado!

Neurotrance Records presenta un fragmento musical de este gran show, talentosos artistas de todas partes del mundo se unen para recordarte con la musica que solo estamos de paso por el gran show de la vida. Juega y disfruta Hijo del Sol. Hombre del gran talento ..... !


"In a distant planet of a bizarre solar system inhabited by a brave and talented strange creature who calls herself Homo Sapiens. Is born, screams, cries, sleeps, plays, rehearses and remembers. In this intriguing life some play materialistic and others spiritually demonstrating powers acquired or innate. Attentive, the great audience awaits in silent and eager, between tears and laughter, for the grand finale of this great show. Among masks and great skills the "man", in his tiny way through this life, opens the curtain .. Friends of the universe ... the talent show has begun!

Neurotrance Records presents a piece of music of this great show, talented artists from all over the world come together to remind you with music that we are only passing through the great show of life. Play and enjoy Son of the Sun. The great talented Man ..... !


01. Erofex - Talent Show Begins (1:59)
02. Tropical Energy - The Real Secret (7:32)
03. Soundless - Sing It (7:29)
04. Erofex - Construction Waves (7:50)
05. Iliuchina - Reality Testing (6:04)
06. Pinky and Brain - Lala Lend Games (9:01)
07. Stereopanic - Space Time Gravity (8:46)
08. Organikka - How To Become a Superhero (6:27)
09. Ctrlz3ta - Nice Shit (6:37)
10. Chakraview - Mutant Mayhem (7:32)
11. Oblivion - Simba (9:18)

Prelisten 2 min:


Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage:

Neurotrance Records 2010
"Free the music because the music sets you free"



martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

OBERON - ONE WORLD@Neurotrance Records

Neurotrance Records presents Oberon's second EP "One World" following the same way of sound combining old school with elements from various other electronic music styles providing a fresh tight sound. This free download work is available to download now!

01. Lost Theory (album edit) - 147 bpm - 07:36
02. Ganjatronic - 146 bpm - 07:24
03. Pleasant Commotion - 147 bpm - 07:09
04. Symbiosis (vs. Hyper Drive) - 100 bpm - 10:10

Tracks 01, 02 and 03 are wroten and produced by Oberon.
Track 04 is wroten and produced by Oberon and Hyper Drive (Liquid Tune records)

Rights reserved by Creative Commons lisence

Release Info:
Oberon (aka Uforica) is Stathis Tsitsiliagkos, born in Corfu Greece at 1964. First involve with music was in early '80's playing in several rock bands, studied sound engineering and dj'ing in various clubs playing new wave and dark wave sounds. In Parallel he worked as sound engineering in various concerts of Greek and international bands like Bauhaus concert in Athens and Peter Gabriel too. After a trip to Goa at '91 he had the first touch with Goa trance and he realize that this sounds was that he was looking for. After '95 he was played in several events, playing together with artists like Max Lanfranconi,Altom Rinkadink, Vaishiyas, XP Voodoo, Fullcolor, U-Recken, dj Doc and others. From 2007 he had start making his own sounds mixing his Goa/old school influences  with fresh psy sounds and modern production. In 2009 joined Neurotrance records (www.neurotrance.org) and released his first EP "Unheard Sound of Creation" available for free download. This second EP "One World" follows the same way of sound combining old school with elements from various other electronic music styles providing a fresh tight sound. This EP is also free for download 'cause as in Neurotrance we say: FREE THE MUSIC BECAUSE MUSIC SET U FREE !

Big Boom to all !

Prelisten: http://neurotrance.org/johome/es/oberon-one-world.html

Download Links: