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VA - Monstruos del Castillo @UnderVoice Records

VA - Monstruos del Castillo
Darkpsy compiled by RedPoint
Under Voice Records & Monstruo.ink Crew present Montruos Del Castillo, a free digital compilation featuring dark psychedelic trance compiled by Redpoint, a leading developer of the multi-cultural Central American scene. Prepare for a serious introduction to smashing dance floor killers ranging from rough and experimental night music to funky, dark, and psychedelic. These monstrous selections will guide you into the depths of madness and expand your senses to encompass a new state of trance. Mastered by Lattus @ Under Voice Studios (La Paz, Bolivia), cover by Nano Extarren, and design by Erick de Leon Letona (El Zappo).

01 - Kosmic Wizard - Broken Monster (Intro) (140 BPM)
02 - Jyro - Eternal Pain (147 BPM)

03 - Mr. Madness - True People (153 BPM)

04 - SykoKosmiks - Illusion Of The Dark (148 BPM)

05 - Samauma - Lord Zombie (155 BPM)

06 - Dark River - Tleilaxu (154 BPM)

07 - Fxor - I'm A Monster Too (150 BPM)

08 - Redpoint & Dusk - Weapons Of Evil (152 BPM)

09 - Catatonic Brain - Happy Horror (160 BPM)

10 - Bash - Dualities (150 BPM)

11 - Digital X - Insomnia (155 BPM)
12 - Zaiklophobia - Kill 'Em All (155 BPM)
Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Find Under Voice Records on MySpace and contact undervoicerecords@gmail.com for booking information.


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Red Puma dijo...

Bueno, por fin poder del sonido que se oye. El álbum en sí es una clase, tanto en la oscuridad, ya que es omnipresente tanto poco potentes. ¡Hurra!
En resumen, yo sé de algunas cosas grandes y pequeños, al mismo tiempo disfrutar.