viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Dr. Zabay - Psytherapy @ Neurotrance Records

Maor Gabay aka Dr. Zabay is a new act from Israel. His strong sounds and effects, dark atmospheres as well as the irresistible grooves are coming to you on an impressive production level. His music is loaded with a psychedelic groove, twisted sounds, dark atmospheric textures, imaginative melodies and his own style. Be aware of the latest installment by Neurotrance Records offering a new trip to consciousness and abroad.


01. Dr. Zabay - Start Smart (147 Bpm)
02. Dr. Zabay - Hammer Drummer (147 Bpm)
03. Dr. Zabay - Chemical Test (147 Bpm)


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Neurotrance Records
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viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

VA - Intraterrestres @ Kesuene Records

Kesuene Records is back again with another fantastic Psychedelic Trance compilation. Gathering artists from Mexico, Bolivia, Serbia, Germany and Croatia. New sounds and fresh styles have been presented in this compilation called Intraterrestres, a trip inside the earth. It's a strong doze of Morning Full On, some of Night sounds and Dark vibes mixed in this exclusive free digital release. Ten new tracks are present in this new compilation that include different styles with a high quality of sound. Enjoy this new release and don't forget to support the artists. Cover by B0wz3r. Mastered Pako Nolasco (Tracks: 1,2,5,6,7,8,9) Erofex (Tracks: 3,4,10)


01. Robby and Mobo - Avenida de la Paz (145 BPM)
02. Aqualy - Lava Strum (145 BPM)
03. Psynthax - Constant State (145 BPM)
04. Erofex - Get up (148 BPM)
05. Spectral Audio - The Jitzu (146 BPM)
06. Manifest and Yera-tech – LSD (150 BPM)
07. Yera-tech - Alien Intelligence (149 BPM)
08. Manifest – Resistencia (153 BPM)
09. Redy - LSD Star (152 BPM)
10. Psy Horror Noize - Khali Meditation (156 BPM)