jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Wizax - The Remixes @ Neurotrance Records

Wizax is Felix Hadad from Israel a profesional psytrance producer widely known for his powerful full-on style that incorporates strong melodic hooks, emotional atmospheres, and energetic beats. 3 Psychedelic full power emotional stuff. Mastered by Erofex.

Artist: Wizax
Title: The Remixes
Label: Neurotrance Records
Id Number: NEURO026
Mastered by: Erofex @ Neurotrance Records Studio
Genre: Psytrance
Format: MP3 - WAV
Lenght: 20:28
Release Date: March 16th, 2012

Tracklist:1. Raz - 4 The Music (Wizax Remix)
2. Abomination - Secret Sand (Wizax and Melodream Remix)
3. Noizepulse - Underground (Wizax Remix)

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